Journey into the Cave of Bones by Jenny Marder


Here is a bedtime story about Africa, bones and a brave young woman! 

"Marina stood at the mouth of the Rising Star cave and looked inside. 

Outside, it was the rainy season in this grassland part of South Africa, home to jackals and porcupines and cobra snakes and thorn trees. 

She knew that deep inside the cave lay thousands of bones. 

Small bones and large bones, jawbones and ankle bones, finger bones and foot bones and skulls. 

The bones belonged to strange creatures that lived a long time ago, before there were humans. 

But to reach the bones, Marina and five other scientists had to make a long, dangerous journey underground. 

From deep inside the cave, they could begin to solve the mystery of these creatures."

To read the rest of the story, click this link:

*story from National Geographic magazine


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