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National parks in 1938: a short promotional video by the US government

Sherman F. Denton’s epic Moths and Butterflies of the United States East of the Rocky Mountains (1900)

Keukenhof 2018 - Tulip Facts

Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

Orchids, the planet’s largest group of blooming flowers

The Youngbloods - Get Together - 1967

Enya - (1991) Shepherd Moons - 02 Caribbean Blue

Walter Crane’s Painting Book (1889)

another reason to visit Hawaii

Mercury: a planet, an element, a day of the week, and a messenger of the gods

Sven explains the spring equinox

Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (a Spring dream)

Spring. Antonio Vivaldi

Spring is on the way

The Fifth Dimension - Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In

Did anyone ever say you seem half-asleep? Maybe you have a dolphin brain!

One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet

London's Manhole Covers as Art

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg-- RBG, a new movie about her accomplishments

Knitting for teens: produce art, make money, and learn workplace skills

Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday, March 11!

Is it a fort? an island? a trail? a park? or a beach?

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

and in sunny Florida...

Snow, cold, floods, and wind in Europe and the US

Flowers for you on a snowy day--feel better soon!

March 1st--Happy 57th birthday, Peace Corps!